Positive change – increasing the impact of interventions




Evaluation is understood as a continuous improvement process that goes beyond the evaluation report – the process itself can be as important, if not more, than the product. Evaluation is related to all phases of the Project Cycle Management and is a driver for improvement, based on a strong monitoring system.

Training makes a significant contribution to improvement. Knowing what tools, possibilities and methodologies can be used to increase the impact of our actions is vitally important. Our training services are designed specifically for each of our clients based on their own policies and programmes, ensuring practical application. Our training services may include the development of tailored monitoring systems in line with the client’s specific needs.

Strategic planning is another critical element of success of aid interventions. Planning today is foreseen and deciding today actions that will take us towards the desired future. Strategic planning allows to take the relevant decisions to obtain the desired objectives.

Research allows to obtain new knowledge or deepen knowledge on complex issues, for example in terms of conflict management. Given countries’ current evolution and the current technological and geopolitical changes, it is evermore necessary to undertake research to meet the new challenges of our environment.