Darijus Pamparas


1. Number of persons contracted and names : Christian Bugnion de Moreta

2. Title of project, programme or policy : Strengthening the Operational Capacities of the Turkish Coast Guard in Managing Migration Flows in the Mediterranean Sea

2.b. Mission date : April 2017 (15-21 in Turkey)

3. Type of service (Please tick as appropriate)
Evaluation : X

4. Please appraise the overall quality of services undertaken (on a scale of 0 –lowest- to 10 –highest-) : 10

5. Regarding our staff,  please appraise (on a scale of 0 –lowest- to 10 –highest-)

  1. skills: 10
  2. knowledge: 10
  3. attitude: 10
  4. commitment: 10

6. Please also indicate the level of appropriateness of the methodology and methodological tools that were used during the assignment
(on a scale of 0 –lowest- to 10 –highest-) : 9

7. Kindly appraise the quality of the final report delivered
(on a scale of 0 –lowest- to 10 –highest-)  in terms of

  1. style : 9
  2. content : 10
  3. clarity : 10
  4. format : 10
  5. length : 10
  6. answering the TOR : 10

8. Kindly indicate the level of usefulness and utilisation of the services rendered (on a scale of 0 –lowest- to 10 –highest-) : 10

9. Did our services contribute to positive change within your organisation? Please tick as appropriate :

Yes X                       No _               Not applicable _

10. Did our services contribute to improved practices within your organisation?

Yes X                       No _               Not applicable _

11. Have our services contributed to obtaining increased donor support?

Yes X (let’s hope:)_              No _               Not applicable _

12. How do our services compare to that of our competitors (other companies) :

Better X                   worse _                      Same _

Please explain

Please list our strengths

Evaluation exercise was very smooth, from the preparatory stage to the delivery of the report. Draft report was prepared in a very quick manner, IOM project team had only few comments on the draft report which had been incorporated by the evaluator immediately. The final report in excellent quality was delivered earlier than expected. 

Please indicate your name : Darijus Pamparas

Your title and your organisation : IOM Ankara Project Manager

current date : 15.05.2018