In order to help us improve the quality of our services, kindly fill the following questionnaire and return it to us by e-mail at your best convenience. Thank you for helping us in this endeavour. You receive this questionnaire because you have contracted our services in the past, either directly or indirectly. The filling of this form will take no more than ten minutes and will contribute to maintaining our objectives : dedication to the pursuit of excellence through customer satisfaction in Quality Evaluation, Research and Planning Services.

1. Number of persons contracted and names : Christian Bugnion

2. Title of project, programme or policy : NATO-PERSPEKTIVA PROGRAMME

2.b. Mission date : 18.09.2011 – 01.10.2011

3. Type of service (Please tick as appropriate)

Evaluation :                X

Planning mission :

Research :

Other (specify) :

4. Please appraise the overall quality of services undertaken

(on a scale of 0 –lowest- to 10 –highest-) : _10____

5. Regarding our staff,  please appraise (on a scale of 0 –lowest- to 10 –highest-)

  1. skills                     : _10___
  2. knowledge            : __9__
  3. attitude                 : _10___
  4. commitment         : __10___

6. Please also indicate the level of appropriateness of the methodology and methodological tools that were used during the assignment

(on a scale of 0 –lowest- to 10 –highest-) : _10___

7. Kindly appraise the quality of the final report delivered

(on a scale of 0 –lowest- to 10 –highest-)  in terms of :

  1. style          : __9___
  2. content     : __10__
  3. clarity        : __10___
  4. format       : __9___
  5. length        : __10___
  6. answering the TOR : __10__

8. Kindly indicate the level of usefulness and utilisation of the services rendered

(on a scale of 0 –lowest- to 10 –highest-) : __10___

9. Did our services contribute to positive change within your organisation? Please tick as appropriate :

Yes  X             No                Not applicable

If no, why?

10. Did our services contribute to improved practices within your organisation?

Yes  X             No                Not applicable

If no, why?

11. Have our services contributed to obtaining increased donor support?

Yes  X             No                Not applicable

If no, why?

12. How do our services compare to that of our competitors (other companies) :

Better X                     Same                                    Worse

Please explain

Previous evaluations of similar programmes have been conducted but no specific recommendations for future action were suggested; previous evaluations were more of a descriptive nature and not very useful to further ameliorate the programme.

12. Please list our strengths

Capacity to adapt to the local constraints and ability to change/review the initial approach if needed.

Continuous communication with donors and implementing agencies to ensure their understanding of the process and facilitate the follow up on the reccomandations

13. Please list our weaknesses

14. What can be improved?

Please indicate your name : GIANLUCA ROCCO

Your title and your organisation : International Organisation for Migration

current date : 20.12.2011

Thank you for your time and kind collaboration and for helping us better serve you.